Tourist Visa Invitation

Please follow the instructions below to receive your Russian Tourist Visa Invitation online.


VISA INVITATION AND VOUCHER: You will need the Visa Support Invitation and Voucher – document to enable you to obtain a Russian Visa.

CITIES: Enter the main cities that you intend to visit and stay in overnight.

DATE OF ENTRY AND DEPARTURE: The dates your Russian visa valid for: You can’t enter Russia before your “Date of Entry” and you can’t stay after your “Date of Departure”

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: Our system will try to send your Russian Visa invitation within 30 minutes, unless any errors are found in the information you submit.

INVITATION REQUEST FORM: Completely fill-out this form. All items on the form must be completed in full, giving particular attention to your entry and exit dates into and out of Russia.

NOTE: If you are applying for the invitation only, you may just fill out the request form and e-mail or fax your passport copy to us. If you are also going to apply for Russian tourist visa from us, you can mail your original passport along with the rest of the required paperwork.


Visa type Fees Processing time
Single/Double entry $50 Same office day



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Tourist Visa Form

This form is used for visa order.
  • Visa type
  • Personal Information
  • Travel dates:
  • Russian Embassy or Consulate where you plan to apply for visa:
  • Contact/Shipping Information
  • Postal fee to charge (only if by mail)
  • Payment information
  • Billing address if different
  • Automation verification
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.