Welcome! At Russian National Group, we provide a range of professional services to assist you with your Visa applications. We are a fully licensed group that offers Visa support at both the Russian Consulates around the world and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

Russian Visa

Visas to Russia

If you are not currently a citizen of Russia you are most likely required to obtain a Russian visa that is required to enter and exit the country. We offer information and assistance in properly applying for a Russian Visa, including which documentation you need to submit, associated fees, processing times, and much more. Please visit our Visas to Russia page for full details.

Invitations (or "Vouchers") for Russian Visas

Tourist Visa Invitation

INVITATION FOR TOURIST VISA — To receive your Russian Tourist Visa Invitation online, begin by filling out the Visa Support form we provide for you. We also provide you with a Quick Guide explanation of terms on the application form, as well as details on fees and average processing time.
Business Visa Invitation
INVITATION FOR BUSINESS VISA — For a Russian Business Visa Invitation, we provide the form for you as well as information on fees and estimated processing times so that you can start the process right away. If you visit our Russian Business Visa Invitation page, we would be glad to provide you with details of Telex or Original Invitation. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding Tourist or Business Visa Invitations.

Fiancé Visa

Fiance Visa

If you are seeking a Fiancé Visa we can provide you with seamless guidance on the application process. This service includes instructions on how to properly fill out your forms, and which documentation is required to go along with your application. As well, we explain the notification process upon approval and what to expect in the upcoming medical examination and Visa interview. For any questions or more information, please visit our Fiancé Visa page.

Travel Passport

Travel Passport

Speed up the process of obtaining a US CIS travel passport when you use our professional services. Rather than taking 5-7 months to get your reentry permit or refugee travel document, it takes only 4-12 weeks when you use our company. The time reduction allows you to commence your travel plans quickly. We guide you through the entire application process, from start to finish, as per our Travel Passport page.

Document Legalization


Get the correct information the first time around by using our professional services to legalize documents for foreign use. Our company advises you on pertinent laws and various regulations pertaining to specific countries. We are also happy to provide you with proper documentation and translations if necessary. We can legalize documents according to the Hague Convention. Find out about our Document Legalization services today.

Visas to Kazakhstan, Belarus or Ukraine


If you are unsure about which documents you need in order to receive a Tourist Visa to Kazakhstan, Visa to Belarus or Visa to Ukraine, we are here to assist you. We obtain the respective Visa for you and provide other pertinent information concerning the application process. We offer estimated processing times and any other assistance that you may need. Get the specific Visa you require in a timely manner with our professional and highly recommended services.

Let us help you

Questions If you have additional questions, see our FAQ section for common inquiries we receive that may provide the answers you seek. If you have additional questions not answered by that resource or want to start using our Visa support service today, contact our friendly staff at Russian National Group using your preferred method of communication.