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Jul 2019

I want to reach out to you now that Blair and I have returned from our trip to Russia and share some thoughts about our visit.

We loved it! I don't know what exactly we were expecting, but everything exceeded our expectations. We are eager to return to Russia, but don't know whether to return to places we've been or move on to new towns and cities. Some random thoughts—St Petersburg and Moscow are surprisingly clean and beautiful.
Food was less expensive than we expected.We attended ballet at the new Mariinsky Theatre and at the Bolshoi Theatre. Both were very nice, but we preferred the Bolshoi. Our evening at the Bolshoi was one of the high points of our visit. The Russian people are great. We scheduled too many tours in St Petersburg and didn't have enough free time to wonder. That's my fault. The Grand Hotel Europe in St Petersburg was very nice. It's a little out of the way of the main tourist traffic, etc., which I prefer.
The Hotel National in Moscow is in a great location, but our room was pretty average. We loved the Sapsan. Fast with good service. You might want to let people know that business class passengers have free use of a business lounge while waiting for the train to arrive. All of our guides did a great job and were extremely nice.We appreciated being able to eat breakfast in our hotels each morning.
Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We had a magical trip that we will never forget. I can't wait to start planning our next trip. Please let me know if you get any special deals to visit Russia in the winter. We'd like to take our kids with us, but can only do that if we can get cheap airfares.
Thanks again.
Grant S.

Jul 26, 2016

We had a really great time. Valeria was an excellent guide. She was very knowledgeable about each venue, and was adept at getting us in and around sometimes crowded places. She also had good suggestions and effective help with evening activities, such as a ballet performance. Valeria made some modifications to the initial itinerary that I think were improvements, and I encourage you to consider for your other customers. She added a visit to the Church on Spilled Blood, which we really appreciated. At our request, she also took us to the small wooden cabin that Peter the Great lived in when the first fortress was being constructed. I think that is a very nice and short stop that reinforces the history of the city...how one man could have the vision, power, and energy to bring such a vibrant metropolis to life. Finally, she moved some visits so that we had more time for the Hermitage, which still felt like dipping our toes in a vast sea! We very much enjoyed the trip to the Faberge Museum, don't hesitate to encourage other visitors to include it. Of course, we realize there must be many other gems among the 300 museums! Finally, one item I wish we'd done, is have Valeria take us on a subway ride. I read that the stations are themselves tourist attractions. Given the unsettled weather, we might have opted for a subway ride instead of long walks to get around in the free afternoons and evenings. But we were a bit daunted at figuring out how to access and work the system. If we'd been given a short primer we might have felt more confident. A final suggestion would be to provide specific guidance about tipping our guide and drivers. All of the suggestions are meant to help you offer your customers the best experience...they are far and away not meant as complaints. Everyone enjoyed the trip and felt we received very good value. Thanks!
Hilary M.
October 9, 2015 I recommend extremely highly Russia-Travel for their professional service, advice and always prompt replies to emails. Special mention to Syuzanna and Yulia who went the extra mile to get me a visa at all, and to ensure I received it on time. Many Thanks! Sarah Searson   August 6, 2015 Dear Yuliya Feklova, Thank you so much for helping me apply for a Russian Visa. I really appreciate your attention to detail and your responsiveness.  I was very impressed with your excellent customer service skills. I have used Russian National Group several times over a nine year period, and I can say with confidence that you are the best representative I have ever met. I am especially grateful that you helped me apply for and receive the multiple-entry private visa. This is an extremely valuable visa for me, and I am so happy to have it. Thank you again, Andrew Hellman  

Jun 6, 2015

Thank you so, so much for helping us handle Harvey's Russian Visa. It was so tremendously helpful to us and we look forward to keeping in touch with you for any and all future trips to Russia for our team.
Jonathan Schwartz, Office of Harvey Weinstein
June 3, 2015 Dear Yuliya Feklova, Just wanted to send u a quick note of thanks for all of your help with Adam's Russian Visa.  You are truly awesome at what you do! Sending you my sincerest thanks, Justin / Whitney Museum   June 1, 2015 Yuliya, We're back in the USA!  Just wanted to thank you again for your help with a smooth running trip, from getting the visas to the final ride to the airport. The Bolshoi tickets were excellent. Especially loved Moscow. Thanks! Jim Conlon

May 20, 2015

Hi and Good Morning Syuzanna, G. H.’s passport with visa has arrived ! Thank you very much!!!! You are awesome to work with !!!!
Paula McGill PepsiCo Inc
May 13, 2015 Dear Yuliya Feklova, I am Writing To Thank You A lot For Your Amazing Service . I Have Just Got My Visa Yesterday. I Appreciate you for everything! Once Again Thanks A lot for your Amazing Service . Sincerely, Elsabban March 17, 2015 Dear Yuliya, I’m definitely using your service again. You’ve been so super awesome! Thank you again for all your help. Suzanne Lai   March 12, 2015 Dear Syuzanna, Hello from Moscow! I'm happy to report that all has worked perfectly with my visa. Thank you again for all your help organizing it in December. To my delight, my partner is planning to visit me in Moscow this spring in May. I told him about the expert help you and others in your office have provided me with my last four visa applications and recommended he get his through your office as well. Thanks again for your help, Courtney Doucette   February 20, 2015 Syuzanna & Yuliya, I have worked with Syuzanna and Yuliya at Russia-Travel.com, not only I find them pleasant to work with them, but they really get things done. They are the type of professionals that they go the extra mile for their clients and take every application with personal attention and details. I am taking all my business when it comes to traveling to Russia to Russia-Travel.com, as I know they will not let you down. Thank you ladies for everything, Sultan   February 20, 2015 Yuliya & Syuzanna, Thank you for helping this group on its journey to Russia! You are the Best! Scott   January 30, 2015 Yuliya, Thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job on our visas on a very short notice! I couldn't be happier with the service!! In fact, I doubt very much any other agency would  be able to handle our case and meet the deadline given the circumstances. Truly remarkable! Many thanks, Yuliya Kopylova   December 24, 2014 Dear Syuzanna, Thank you very much for all your help. I will be doing business with you for years to come. Enjoy your holiday. Thanks Pat     December 19, 2014 Hello Yuliya, I again wanted to thank you. Because of your patience and knowledge, I managed to complete all in time to fly out tomorrow. Obtaining a Russian visa was such a complicated task but because of you, I was able to navigate it quite seamlessly. You are an asset to your organization. Thanks for your guidance. Enosse     December 19, 2014 Dear Syuzanna, We can’t thank you enough for all your help! Happy Holidays ! Sincerely, Kate Hennessey     December 5, 2014 Hi Anastasia! We are in Moscow having a great time! We have told a lot of people about your great service! Thanks again for all your help. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Erica   December 2, 2014 Yuliya, I wanted to thank you for educating me on this visa process. You saved me a lot of time, frustration and possibly lots of money. Enosse   December 2, 2014 Syuzanne, It was a pleasure to deal with your company, thank you again. All the best, Lou Severine   November 24, 2014 Syuzanna, We got Jacqueline's passport and visa this morning. Thank you so much for all your help. Warm wishes, Rona   November 17, 2014 Syuzanna, Thank you very much; this is very helpful. I'll send it to my host, Katya, in St. Petersburg. I'm so glad Russia-Travel.com knows how to help people who don't know much about traveling to Russia! Thank you! I'm glad I found your service; I should have called you folks in the first place. More soon! Diana   November 13, 2014 Julia, We picked up passports today. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. You were very patient and kind to put up with me! Best, Judy   October 22, 2014 Hi Yuliya, The group had a great time on the tour. The services were all excellent! Looking forward to doing another group shortly! Thanks , Eddie   October 4, 2014 Сюзанна, добрый день! Хочу вас поблагодарить за помощь от имени нашей команды, которая занималась решением столь важной визовой проблемы. Без вас это было все гораздо сложнее и дольше. Я уверена, мы с вами еще не в последний раз сотрудничаем. Удачи вам и всех благ. С уважением, Логинова Ольга   May 30, 2014 Dear Julia! I just want to thank u for great service u guys provided for reasonable price. Thanks, Aliaksandr Aleinikau    April 16, 2014 Dear Julia, Many thanks for your assistance with this required documentation - you have made my life rather easy and it was a pleasure dealing with you. Many thanks once again, Ian Mather   April 3, 2014 Dear Syuzanna, You’re the best!  Once again, thanks so very much and I remain, with kind regards.  I’ll always be more than happy to recommend both you and your company to anyone who may need assistance in the future. Scott   March 31, 2014 Dear Yulia, Just a note to thank you for the excellent service we received from you in obtaining our visas to visit Russia.  We appreciate your efforts! Roger   March 24, 2014 Dear Yuliya, Thank you very much for such quick and professional work! Stefan   March 21, 2014 Dear Yuliya, Received passport today! Thanks for your efficient and timely work for me. David Allen  

February 26, 2014

Dear Syuzanna, Thanks again for all your help with John's visa - they have just come back, very happy and excited, enjoyed the trip and the Olympic Games in Sochi. Tatiana Murnikova  

February 17, 2014

Dear Honorable Putin, I would like to thank you, your part in hosting the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and being the best of hosts. I have totally enjoyed all the events and also have enjoyed your presence at the games. Thank you  from the bottom of my heart for the pure enjoyment of being able to watch these games in Sochi! Joe Shervinski  

February 10, 2014

Julia, Before I take off for Russia, I would like to thank you for all the help, guidance and efficiency that you have displayed working with the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. Your clients were very happy and I thank you as well. Valentina Fominykh  

January 31, 2014

Dear Yulia, I feel tremendously fortunate to be able to go to the Sochi Olympics! I am aware of how much effort you put into helping us with our Russian Visas! THANK YOU! We are totally excited about our trip which begins next Thursday! Melinda Miller  

January 30, 2014

Dear Yulia, I also would like to thank you for your help in making our trip to your country possible. I look forward to what is sure to be an exciting time! Woody Miller  

January 25, 2014

Julia, On behalf of myself and the rest of us... SPACIBO BOLSHOE! We have our visas and we thank you very much. As always your organization has always provided to me the results that are required. Hopefully, you will also be able to see the Olympics that your Country should be so proud to host! It will be awesome!   Thank you! Stan and the crew  

December 9, 2013

I want to express my deep appreciation for the excellent work and support I received from Syuzanna and Julia for my Russian Visa.  Both exhibited a very high degree of professionalism and flexibility and were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. Michael Conforti  

December 9, 2013

Syuzanna, Thank you so much for all your assistance!  You have been most helpful! Candice

November 26, 2013

Syuzanna, I was so happy to receive the visas yesterday!  It was quicker than I expected.  Thank you so much for all your help! Jan

NOVEMBER 21, 2013


October 9, 2013

Syuzanna and Julia, I want to express my deep appreciation for the excellent work and support I received from Syuzanna and Julia for my Russian Visa.  Both exhibited a very high degree of professionalism and flexibility and were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. Mike   August 6, 2013 Dear Jamilia and Julia, I just wanted to thank both of you for your help in arranging our tours in St. Petersburg.  All three guides were absolutely wonderful and we never would have seen as much nor learned as much without them. We feel very fortunate to have worked with your office for our visas and touring. Megwin Finegan Hoopes  

JUNE 19, 2013

Yulia, Here goes - the guide and driver were on time.  Cars used were top notch, one being a Mercedes.  The guide, Daria, was at one and the same time, business-like and friendly.  While at first I had trouble with her accent, I soon adjusted. A time or two I felt I was receiving an information overload, but felt fortunate in having such a knowledgeable guide.  She navigated thru the properties ahead of other tours having large numbers of individual  I learned that Daria was required to go thru a guide re-registration each year by demonstrating her skills.  I would recommend her to other English speaking travelers.  I told her how I felt about my time with her and believe she was please that I did so.  I think that I received full value for the price of each excursion with her.  Thank you for your part in making the arrangements. Bill

JULY 5, 2012

"Jamilia - The tour was a resounding success! While expectations had been high, I think everyone was amazed at the depth of history, architecture, art, and culture that we packed into three days. Thanks to you and your team for organizing this. The hotel was delightful. I never did figure out where our original hotel was to compare location and facilities, but the Angleterre Hotel was perfect: great rooms, great service, great location. And easy to find at the end of the day by following the spire of St. Isaac. Katia Litosh is a gem. She did a great job of putting all of the pieces into historical perspective, had great insights on the palaces and museums we visited, and adapted well to changes we wanted to make in the schedule. She was also very patient with a group of Type-A personalities who all like to be in charge! I was impressed by her ability to discuss both the history and the current situation in St. Petersburg. She also did a great job of getting tickets and handling logistics for those who wanted to attend the ballet or the symphony. My only small recommendation is that she should have introduced herself and her role when she met us at the airport; I though she was just there to get us to a bus as that is the format we experience in other countries. She did mention that St. Petersburg is trying to grow its visit or count from 5M to 8M per year; a great goal, but the palaces were crowded when we were there and I can't imagine a substantial bump in the number of people each day. You should also suggest to your embassy that at some point the cost and hassle of the visa process with impact that growth! That was probably the only grumble that came from our group. The third dinner (the traditional Russian meal) was great fun. In hindsight, we should have spent more to upgrade the restaurants the first two nights. We saw other great restaurants (and had lunch at some) and should not have tried to cut corners here. Again, our fault, not yours. All in all, a great trip. Maybe some of us will visit again in the winter! Thanks again for your help," Ken  

MARCH 14, 2012

"Anastasia, Thank you very much for everything. I appreciate all your hard work and efforts. That and your willing to work over the weekend to secure my visa has not gone unnoticed. Your professionalism and follow up is first rate. I am glad to recommend you to all my contacts and anyone you need a recommendation for feel free to use me. Again many thanks. Sincerely," Jim Levin  

JUNE 19, 2011

"Dear Jamilia: Millions of thanks for all your help and kindness for our precious and unforgettable trip to beautiful Russia...I do not have enough words to thank you for your excellent job in making reservations for hotels and trains...I am very thankful to you. We really enjoyed the trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia is so beautiful, full or art and culture and excellent people. Sincerely" Sara Mott  

MAY 10, 2011

"Just a quick note to let you know that the trip was wonderful with many, many thanks to Natalia. She is an excellent guide ... fun, personable, knowledgeable and just nice to be with. By the time the trip was over, we felt that we had been immersed in the history and culture of St. Petersburg which is exactly what we had in mind. The drivers were also excellent and every effort was made to accommodate our comfort. We will certainly recommend your company. We would appreciate this if you would forward this note to Natalia's direct manager. Again, with many thanks," Mary Carlson and Dale Piper  

MARCH 3, 2011

"Dear Jamilia, I'm back from the trip and wanted to tell you that all arrangements you made were perfect. We were met at the door of the train carriage by the driver at every place for the ride to the hotel. The guides were very good and were glad to see us to practice their English which was very good. It didn't sound like there were a lot of tourist this time of year. Hotels and train were also good. The weather was cold but sunny every day but one. Again, thanks for your help making these arrangements." Regards, Don  

JUNE 24, 2010

"I had a FANTASTIC time! I got some GREAT photos! My guides and drivers have been excellent. Everything worked like clockwork and I bought all the souvenirs I needed for family and friends. I love Russia and its people! Thank you for all of your services and help. From Russia With Love," Alan  

JUNE 21, 2010

"The trip was wonderful. The hotels were good, the Holiday Inn in Moscow better than the Pribaltiskaya. The guides in St. Petersberg were excellent, as was the Moscow one. The food varied greatly in quality. The ballet was GREAT; everyone loved it, even those who had never been to the ballet before and who do not consider themselves classical music lovers. We all really enjoyed the Moscow Circus. The weather in Moscow was rainy, but we had our rain jackets, as you advised. By the way, the acapella singing in the churches was beautiful, something none of us were familiar with. All in all, it was a really good program you put together. You did a great job and I really appreciate it." Joe Murray  

MAY 27, 2010

"The tour guides and the drivers were great, especially the lady in Moscow. The weather was warm and perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Every aspect of our trip went very smoothly. Thank you for all you did for us. I will recommend you highly to any of my friends who consider going to Russia." Robert and Cecelia Runde  

MAY 21, 2010

"Thank you so much! It was a great trip. I was very pleased with everything. Every detail was taken care of, and considering how much was involved, I think it was a bargain. Thanks again!" Betsy Sherman  

MAY 1, 2010

"Dear Anastasia, I wanted to let you know that our trip to Russia was wonderful. Everything worked extremely well, from the driver meeting us at the airport in Moscow to our drop- off at the airport in St. Petersburg. Our guides (Lana in Moscow and Natasha in St. Petersburg) were really excellent, as were our drivers. Zhenya (in St Petersburg) even picked us up early (4:45 a.m.) because we were flying out the first day flights resumed after the volcano.We were not affected by the volcano at all. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, even more so since it was not busy. Our hotels were great. The Monomakh in Vladimir had an excellent restaurant, and we discovered that the teachers at my daughter's school enjoy going there. Thank you for all your work in planning such a happy trip for us." Marianne Townsend  

APRIL 26, 2010

"Dear Anastasia, I just wanted to send a follow up note to you and thank you and RNTO tours for a wonderful itinerary and a superb tour guide. Lana Maximova was incredible - very gracious and informative and we enjoyed our brief time in Moscow thanks to her wonderful assistance! Thank you again and should I or others at Georgetown have need for your company's services, I will not hesitate to refer them to you!" Sean Hawkins  

JANUARY 14, 2010

"Russia in the winter is cold, but beautiful! RNTO did a great job coordinating the trip for us!" Paula Boley  

JULY 18, 2009

"Dear Anastasia & Michael, This morning at 9:00 AM our passports and visas for Russia arrived just as you said they would. Thank you so much for your evident professionalism and dedication in the face of impossible odds against us. BRAVO! Please rest assured that we will be recommending the RNG to all of our friends in the future. We will enjoy St.Petersburg because of you. Thank you!" Connie Wimer & Frank Fogarty  

JULY 14, 2009

"I received the Russian visa that Anastasia arranged for me this morning, and I will be leaving for Moscow later this afternoon. I just want to thank you again for the very professional advice and service that you and your company provided to arrange for the Russian visa. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be delighted to tell folks how happy I am with your service." Jim Wright  

JULY 1, 2009

"Yelena, Your efforts paid off and were appreciated. My wife and I had a wonderful time in Russia, thanks to your last-minute help. I can't thank you enough." Joe Lex, MD Temple University, Philadelphia  

NOVEMBER 11, 2008

"I would love to thank Olga and the Russian National Group for the most memorable trip of a lifetime. I wanted to see Russia, but me being just go with the flow type personality I didn't have anything planned but wanting to see Red Square. RNG and Olga took care of all the planning for me and the entire trip was indescribably amazing. From the VISA Support, to Airport transfers and the tour guides, the hotels and the tours, everything was above and beyond my expectations. I traveled alone so I was terrified of everything from old KGB/FSB to Russian Mafia and general crime. Once I got through passport control and saw my friendly driver, all my fears disappeared. She was friendly, warm and very helpful, and best of all her English was better than my Russian. To make a long story short, Russia is the most beautiful place I've ever traveled to. All the people I encountered were beyond friendly, giving, and helpful, and the food is way better than you would imagine it. All my tours were expertly done and I felt like a true VIP by bypassing many long lines and having a one on one experience with my guides. If you want to see Russia I am convinced RNG is the only way to go. They truly took care of everything for me. Russia is simply amazing and if you have a positive attitude and smile on your face the people will no doubt prove that Russians are in fact some of the friendliest people in the world. To put it all in one sentence, if you love Russia, Russia will love you back." Stan Lard  

OCTOBER 6, 2008

"Anna & I have returned and the trip exceeded out expectations. Everything went as advertised. Your staff was there on time and very knowledgeable. We will definitely use RNG the next time we return to Russia. Thanks and best regards," Joe Ryan, Anna Rogers  

OCTOBER 5, 2008

"Just to let you know that Anna & I arrived back in California. Our Russia experience was great – thanks to you! Your knowledge and language skills made our visit very enjoyable. You made us feel as though we were traveling with friends. We will send you some pictures after we get them organized. Best regards," Joe Ryan, Anna Rogers  

JUNE 27, 2008

"Sorry I haven't written sooner, but my wife and I really enjoyed the trip. Irina was our guide in Moscow and she was very knowledgeable, the sights were beautiful, and between our tour and getting out at night I think we got a good taste of the city. In St. Petersburg Natasha was our guide with Andrey as our driver and I can't recommend them enough. They were a great pair and my wife and I hit it off with them from the first day. We really had a good time there. All in all, it was a very good trip and I hope to return some day. Thank you all at RNG for the professional service." Brian McGovern  

JUNE 19, 2008

"Dear Yelena Baranova, Thank you for your patience and professionalism in taking time to talk with me, answer my questions, and help me understand my options. We appreciate the excellent support that we always get from you and your organization. We have recommended you to all our friends who travel to Russia and have not heard any complaints from them either. You can be assured that we remain one of your loyal customers. Best wishes. Thank you very much. " Steve  

JANUARY 23, 2008

"I received a visa today. I want to thank you and your staff for efficient, courteous and prompt service. I will recommend your company to my colleagues and friends. Thank you very much." Roman  

JANUARY 10, 2008

"This is truly one of the great travel experiences to be enjoyed, savored, and remembered for a lifetime. Russian National Group has assembled all the elements of a mind-enriching week's journey taking in Russia's great cultural treasures. That's before we even start talking about the Tsar's New Year's Ball at Catherine's Palace featuring an 8-course meal and evening-long entertainment sampling ballet, opera, and folkloric elements...all hosted by a cast of nearly a hundred Russian 'nobility' in period dress transporting guests by their presence back to 18th century Imperial Russia. This is an evening no one forgets! The other important element is the quality of guide services. In this case Natasha and Irina were excellent, knowledgeable, personable, always punctual, and helpful in every way. I met one couple who have been doing this every year for the past FIVE!" Douglas Shachnow  

DECEMBER 2, 2006

"Just a quick note to tell you I am back and to thank you for your visa work with my group. Everyone made it into and out of the country with no problems. Thank you again for everything you did." Kevin  

OCTOBER 27, 2006

"Dear RNG, Thanks for your help with my Visa and paper work. Your service was friendly, professional, and delivered as agreed. I made many friends in Kazan the last two weeks of September 2006 and will be using your services again in the near future to go visit friends who made me feel like family. I will never forget my journey to such a wondrous place," Bobby Kiger  

OCTOBER 16, 2006

"I have just returned from a vacation that included a trip to Russia arranged by the RNG. I would like you to pass on my thanks to those involved with the planning of the trip for Diana Becker and me. The entire event was extremely well organized, everything took place as planned (apart from the weather that stayed at around 24 C for the entire trip!) and both our guides and the drivers were excellent. Russia is an amazing experience and I would certainly be more than happy to give an endorsement to the RNG, if requested. Regards," Ann Merling  

SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

"We just received our passports and visas. Two weeks to the day! I wanted to thank you for your visa service. Your company has taken all the stress out of obtaining our invitations and visa for our little group over the last few years. Russian National Group is always right on time! Thank you," Donna  

SEPTEMBER 16, 2006

"...I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful trip we had. Everything went great. The guides were fantastic! What an interesting and beautiful country. I'll be recommending your services. Thanks again for all you help. " Julie Holloway  

AUGUST 14, 2006

"...I returned from Russia after a fabulous trip to the North Pole on the Russian nuclear ice-breaker "Yamal". This was the day I departed from Moscow and was one of those caught in the extra security checks due to the terrorists' threats in the UK. As a result, I had to rush to the gate for our plane even though I was at the airport several hours in advance and, therefore, did not have time to make purchases at the airport with my remaining rubles as planned. I so much wanted to purchase a gift for my husband--Imperia Vodka, in addition to other items. He could not make the trip due to illness. Since reading an article about this vodka, my husband and I would like to purchase a case of Imperia for Christmas gifts to our four daughters. We live near Philadelphia and cannot find out where it can be purchased. Can you please tell me where it can be purchased. Maryland, Delaware, PA, NJ, NY would be the closest locations in this order. I also want to praise Konstantin Simonov of Nordic Travel in Moscow for making me, a 74 year old female, feel at ease taking this trip partially alone. He is a wonderful ambassador. Without his help, I probably would not have gone. And now, I have aroused the interest of some women that I workout with at our local health club. PS: I also was impressed with the manner in which my application for a Russian visa was handled by the New York Embassy. Very thorough and prompt. " Regards," Katharine L. Heist  

MAY 2, 2006

"My problem is that I just returned from a visit to Moscow and Penza and I fell in love with your country and only wish I could have spent more time there.I came to meet the woman I am going to marry and I had such a wonderful time in Russia.The woman I am going to marry is a beautiful Russian woman with a fantastic 12 year old daughter.We had such a great time in Moscow that I must visit again.I live in a small town in Kentucky and have been to Europe before.But I think Russia with all of it's history and beauty is by far the trip of a lifetime.Thank you." William Tharp

JANUARY 30, 2006

"I want to thank you personnally for the excellent professional service you have provided me in the last few hours. You can be sure that I will highly recommend you to anyone who wants to go travelling to Russia! Regards," Paul and Mongeau  

AUGUST 09, 2005

"Just wanted to let you know that we returned from our trip to Russia which you had planned for us and that we enjoyed it thoroughly. Both the Astoria and National hotels were outstanding, the itinerary just right for the time frame, and both our guides were knowledgeable and delightful women. We were quite impressed with St. Petersburg and Moscow and it was exciting to see so many gorgeous cathedrals and palaces and world class museums. We ate great food, did a lot of fun shopping and walked for miles and miles enjoying the sights. Thank you" Ed and Emmy Rothschild  

APRIL 25, 2005

"My wife Linda and I just returned from an excursion with your group. We wished to express our gratitude for all your organizations hard work at putting together a memorable and wonderful trip. All the aspects of the trip were well thought out and implemented. With a special thanks to our guide Sasha (Alexandra Popova). Her knowledge and helpfulness, going above and beyond on several days, and putting up with the dumb questions we Americans inevitably ask, were highlights to our trip. We found her personable and friendly and would recommend her and your organizations to all of our friends. Thank you again." Steven and Linda  

MARCH 09, 2005

"I want to share my appreciation for the excellent travel service and trip coordination for my trip to Moscow from March 3 through March 7, 2005. The efforts of your organization provided a comfortable environment for myself, an American that does not speak Russian, to enjoy an exposure to the Russian customs and social settings. The Sretenskaya Hotel personnel were extremely pleasant and willing to ensure my brief stay was without incident. During the entire trip, I was able to communicate in English. The hotel restaurant's menu and signs were in Russian and English. Thank you for providing an excellent customized tour. I will use the Russian National Group for future trips to Russia. Please feel free to use my name for reference purposes to new travellers. Sincerely," Patrick Walsh, Kaleva, Michigan  

MAY 31, 2003

"You arranged a great trip for us. It went off without a hitch. The business class service on Aeroflot is among the best I have ever had on an airline –better even than first class in the old days on US airlines and better than first class on several of the European carriers we've flown. Our lunch on the flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow was served on Royal Dalton china and I'm attaching photos of my entree and dessert on the Moscow JFK flight. The service on the boat was very good, particularly with its being the first sailing of the season. Thanks too, for suggesting the large cabin. You are our favorite travel agent. Cordially," Monte Brown   "My wife Rubie and I booked the above cruise through you and we had a delightful trip, thanks to you and the information provided prior to the trip. We had a good flight on Aeroflot from JFK to the large Moscow airport, and the only problem of the entire trip occurred here. As we were warned, going through customs was a hassle, and this was so, but more than this, after arrival the security people were painstakingly going through our large luggage, and though we had three hours to take the shuttle to the other terminal for our flight to St. Petersburg, it turned out that we were given possession of our luggage just in time to take a $60.00 cab and get to the domestic terminal just as it was boarding passengers for ST. Petersburg. From then on it was smooth sailing! We were met in St Petersburg with a cab driver holding up a sign with our name who took us to the River ship that had a large sign saying "DR Zhivago" in English lettering. This was helpful, as a sister ship apparently leased to Vantage Tours was sailing the same route and we were berthed near each other on several occasions. Our ship did not have a full complement of passengers, so we had plenty of room in the passenger facilities. We had about 100 passengers from Italy; three from Spain and 10 English speaking, including ourselves. For our group of 10 we had our own English speaking guide and small van or bus for the tours. Needless to say we had good interaction with our Russian guides, and appreciated their assistance. We have traveled extensively around the world, and this was one of our most memorable trips. We are interested in taking the River Trip next year from Moscow to the Black Sea. Please advise if your Russian Tourist Bureau is planning such trips. Again, thank you for your help on the phone, and by Email for our trip recently completed. Sincerely Yours," W. D. Wilcox   "My wife and I thank you for the safe return of our passports with the Russian visas duly stamped therein. We appreciate your help. Sincerely," Devraj Sharma   "I want to thank you you for helping me to obtain my Russian visa for my trip to Ulan-Ude. You were a big help and did it with humor and courtesy. I will probably be going to Russia again this summer and again will need your services. Thanks again." AL Ames  

MARCH 02, 2004

"This is David Brooks, I received my Passport with the visa and thank you so much for all ur help. If i ever need ur services in the future, i will not hesitate to use ur agency again. Thank You Again. Regards" David Brooks  

JUNE 29, 2004

"Sondra Stallard and Patricia King returned from their trip last week and early the next morning stopped by my office to tell me what a GREAT time they had in Russia. They absolutely loved the personalized service and everything went off without a hitch. We don't send a lot of clients to Russia on FIT trips but you will certainly be the first one I call when we do. Thank you for making their trip such a success. Best," Rochelle  

JUNE 07, 2004

"I wanted to let you know that our trip was wonderful. Everything was extremely well organized by you and carried out thoroughly in Russia.. It was a very informative, educational, cultural and fun trip. Thanks for everything." Sid Mitchell President & CEO  

MARCH 02, 2004

"We are home from our Russian trip. It was a wonderful experience and your planning worked well. The hotels were very comfortable and convenient. In St. Petersburg the restaurant next door took good care of us when we wanted to eat locally. All the food we had in Russia was delicious. Our guides were well informed and very friendly and helpful. So we thank you for your help in planning this tour. My suggestions: If we were to go back, I would have liked to have seen the homes of the various authors and musicians which are available to tourists. And, although we are not complaining about the music because we did enjoy it, if you could have gotten copies of the music schedules earlier, we might have even gone a week later to have heard the Shostakovich performances. The only problem I personally had was I broke my wrist when I fell in the hotel. Not their fault. Not Russia's fault. My fault. The guide was very helpful. The hospital situation was a site we would have missed otherwise! All I have to do is get better now. A reminder of our trip got several weeks. Best regards," Muriel Weyl  

AUGUST 19, 2004

"Back in May of this year I first contacted you regarding arranging a private car with driver and English speaking tour guide for myself and my husband who is a quadriplegic, severely impaired and wheelchair-bound, for St. Petersburg for July 22nd & 23rd of this year. You very patiently and professionally explained the various sites available for us to visit and worked out a schedule for us to visit all of the highlights of St. Petersburg during our stay. You sent me a detailed itinerary and advised me that our car and driver would meet us at our cruise ship at a pre-arranged time. Off we went... I am writing to thank you for all of your hard work and effort on our behalf and to tell you what a wonderful job you did for us and to advise you of the terrific job done by your representatives in St. Petersburg! Our guide, the charming Kaurova, Marina, was delightful and extremely knowledgeable and her command of the English language was vast and excellent. Marina is a wonderful guide and she worked very hard to ensure that my husband, although disabled, was able to see as much as possible during our time with her. Our driver, Sergei, was friendly and helpful and courteous and a very good driver also... I cannot say enough positive things about you, Marina, Sergei and our wonderful tours in St. Petersburg. On this month long trip to Europe we visited over ten cities and St. Petersburg was our favorite city. It is only due to your wonderful skills and those of Marina Kaurova and Sergei our driver were we able to have such a fantastic time in the beautiful city of St. Peterburg! Please do not hesitate to contact me or have your office contact me at any time with any questions. I have been a travel agent for thirty years and manager for over twenty and I will not hesitate to use your services or recommend them to my clients and other agents. Thanks again for helping to make our trip so very successful!" Johanna Viksne Agency Manager  

JULY 23, 2004

"Dear RNG: My daughter and I just returned from our 11-day excursion to Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal and St. Petersburg. We had an absolutely marvelous time!! As we were the only 2 people who signed up for this particular tour, we had our own private guide and drivers for the entire trip. Our guides were excellent, especially Miss Olga on the Moscow/Golden Ring legs. She was professional, friendly and exceedingly knowledgable on all aspects of Russian history and culture. We would not have had as enjoyable a trip without her assistance!! The weather was great and the itinerary was comprehensive. Thank you for making this once in a lifetime trip a memory my daughter and I will always treasure." Andrew S. Lanzing Bradenton, Florida