If both domestic and travel Russian passports have expired and the individual did not previously register at the Consulate, he or she must to submit additional documents to confirm Russian citizenship. Only after this confirmation can a citizen obtain a new foreign travel passport. In order to start the process, please fill out the form and send us copies of all documents confirming that the person has Russian citizenship.

Request for confirmation of citizenship - $250.00

Processing time - from 3 months (Consulate is not regulated by official terms)

The more information you provide in the attached form, the faster the decision will be made on your case.


All documents you can send electronically to info@rnto.org

• International/travel passport (scan with photo and pages with marks) (if you have one)
• Internal passport (scan with photo and pages with marks) (if you have one)
• Digital photo on a white background
• Any other documents that prove that you do have a Russian citizenship
• Attached form

After receiving proof of citizenship, you can apply for a passport.

When making a request for reconfirmation of citizenship, personal presence is not required.