If you are planning to go on a cruise while in Russia, here is the most updated information on available routes and ships. On this page you will find brief description and photos of each cruise. Click on More Info to find out exact schedule, amenities, view more photos and build your itinerary.
  • The North Pole Expedition (14 days)

    Perhaps nowhere on Mother Earth can the excitement of a new experience be any greater than by taking a voyage into the Arctic or even beyond, by braving the polar ice cap to reach the North Pole. This region is one of the most remote and extreme on the planet, sadly, it is disappearing at an alarming rate. The polar ice cap has been retreating for almost thirty years now and along with it
  • Imperial Russia Waterways (10 days/11 days/12 days)

    Our Moscow – St. Petersburg river cruise is a trip to Russia that you have dreamt of all your life. It is our most popular destination with first time and experienced travelers alike. In addition to the several days of exploration and sightseeing the magnificent imperial Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, your itinerary will include picturesque and ancient Volga River cities of the "Golden Ring" and mysterious Kizhi Island.
  • Ukrainian Waterways and Black Sea Cruises (10 days/12 days/13 days)

    Includes ports of Zaporozhnaya, Kherson and Sevastopol. City tours, Ukrainian villages, cuisine, language lessons, museums, churches, cathedrals, caves, monasteries, concerts, opera, ballet, Cossack horse show. Optional trips to the Danube delta and Yalta.
  • Great Mother Volga (15 days/19 days/20 days)

    Travel along the magnificent waters of the Volga River, the largest river in Europe. Cruise aboard our ships from Caspian to Baltic Sea. Explore the rich culture and learn the history of the ancient Russian cities built on the Volga's banks. Enjoy the splendor of the great Mother Volga River and the Don River; visit the capitals of the Russian states.