Russian Visa

Russian VisaGetting a visa for the Russian Federation is a complicated process. The first and most important mission of our Russian visa center is to streamline the process.

Our knowledgeable and experienced agents have helped thousands of clients to obtain Russian visa, provided consultations, and assisted them in gathering required documents.

All clients and walk-ins are welcome. To simplify the process even more, you can schedule an appointment to drop off your documents at our office and we will take care of the rest.

Russian National Group provides assistance in obtaining a Russian international (foreign) passport, as well as compiling the required documents for the application.

Russian Visa Processing Times

Russian VisaAfter receiving all required documents and payment, the Russian Consulate General or Embassy reviews your visa application and decides whether or not to grant you a visa within four to ten business days. Visa applications are not accepted more than six months in advance of the date of intended entry into the Russian Federation. Consulates may alter this period in certain circumstances.

The applicant may seek an expedited review of his file from the Consulate in case of emergency, which requires urgent passage to the Russian Federation, thus reducing processing time significantly to just three business days. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Migration Service, and the Russian Ambassador or Consul General of the Russian Federation are the authorities responsible for issuing emergency visas when such situations arise.

Furthermore, the consulate has the discretion to take 30 days to review submitted documents in special circumstances.

Russian Visa Fees

Before submitting the Russian Visa application to the Consulate for review, the Visa Center must receive a full payment for Consular and Visa Processing fees.Russian VisaThe Consular Division imposes fees in order to review and issue your documents. Consular fees may vary depending on the visa category, type of visa and length; they may also differ based on the nationality of the applicant. It covers the costs of our Russian visa agency for accepting the documents, verifying their information, and correcting any errors.

Money orders or Cashier's checks are accepted as payment; cash is also accepted for applicants who apply in person.  There are absolutely no refunds of Fee or Visa Processing Fee if Russian visa is denied by the Russian Consulate.

Visit the "Visa Service " section for more information on our services and costs. During the application process for a Russian International (foreign) passport, the Service Fee is applied for the completion of the application and compiling the documents.

in the easiest and fastest way possible if you are planning a visit to Russia and don't know where to start. We are a licensed representative of a company that offers visa support at Russian Consulates in the United States as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. Our representatives work directly with the Russian Consulate to expedite Russian tourist visa applications. We offer competitive and reasonable pricing. For more information, contact us at (646) 473-2233 and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.