Russian Visa Fee

Visas are official documents that give permission for a visitor to stay in Russia for a given period of time. The majority of countries require a Russian visa to enter Russia for any purpose. Typically, it contains information about the duration of the foreigner's stay (entry and exit dates), the type of visa and the number of entries, as well as the information about the sponsors of the foreigners ("Visa Sponsors"). Not only is a visa required to enter the country, but also for departure. You may be faced with serious problems if you lose your passport with a visa or overstay your visa validity.

Russia visa fee:

Russian VisaAs well as the visa's type and urgency, your citizenship, and the Russian Consulate you choose, the visa assistant you hire will determine the cost of the visa. Visa costs include mandatory fees, overhead expenses, and prices and quality of services offered by a visa assistant.

Compulsory Russia visa fees are:
  • Various types of visas require a state fee.
  • A consular fee is assessed depending on citizenship and visa urgency.
  • The service charge for Visa Application Centres - if there is a Visa Application Centre functioning under the Consulate, a fixed fee is charged for the processing of documents.
  • Visa registration through the Post Office is charged an additional postage fee.
Overhead expenses/ Russia visa fees are:
  • You must receive the original Visa Invitation – Some visa types require the original invitation to be processed.
  • The costs associated with visiting a Consulate to submit documents or receive a visa, or for sending the documents and receiving the visa via postage.
  • Purchasing medical insurance.
  • Consulate requests some additional documents.
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