Russian Visa Documents

What is a Russian Visa?

Visas to the Russian Federation are documents permitting a person to stay in the country for a specified period of time. The visa contains information such as your arrival and departure dates, your name, passport information, and your travel purpose.

If you lose your Russian visa or stay beyond the date on which you are supposed to leave, exiting the country could be more challenging than entering it. Please note that your Russian visa functions as a permit for entry and exit as well.

Russian Tourist Visa

Foreign tourists can enter Russia with a tourist visa. The visas can be issued for no more than 30 days. It is best to obtain a tourist visa when you know exactly where and for how long you will be staying in the destination country without having to divert from your planned itinerary. You must have confirmed accommodation for each night of your stay in Russia in order to obtain a Russian tourist visa.

To obtain Russian Tourist Visa, you will need the following Russian visa documents:

  • A valid, original passport with at least 2 blank pages for the visa and entry stamps; valid for at least 6 months
  • Application form
  • One passport-type photograph
  • Tourist visa support documents (hotel voucher and confirmation of tourist acceptance) 
  • Applicable fee

Russian Business Visa

Business travelers in Russia can obtain a business visa as part of their trip. If you are not sure of your exact itinerary, plan to spend more than 30 days in Russia or have to enter Russia numerous times within a certain time frame, a business visa is the best choice for you.

During your stay, you may enter the Russian Federation twice and stay for up to 90 days. Also available are multi-entry business visas (Multi-Russian Business Visas), which can be used multiple times for up to a year with unlimited entry and exit restrictions. It is not possible to extend a tourist visa; however, you can extend a business visa by contacting the organization that sent you the invitation.

To obtain Russian Business Visa, you will need the following Russian visa documents:
  • Original passport, valid for at least 6 months
  • Application form 
  • One passport-type photograph 
  • Letter from your employer
  • Invitation from the Ministry of Interior (we can assist you with that)
  • Applicable fee