Russian Visa Center

We strive to simplify and expedite the visa application process for the Russian Federation as the first and foremost goal of our Russian Visa Center.

The Russian visa agents at our firm are highly knowledgeable about helping clients obtain a Russian visa. It is our responsibility to ensure that the Russian Consulate has the proper documents.

Russian Visa Center Services

Our services are available on a walk-in basis and no appointment is necessary. We offer drop-off appointments to save you time at any of our branches, but if you would like to do so, please schedule one.

If you need assistance with filling out an application and compiling the required documents, our Russian Visa Center will provide consultation to assist you.

If you have all the required documents and have already paid in full, the Russian Embassy or Consulate generally reviews your visa application within four to ten calendar days.  

Russian Visa Processing Times

Russian Visa ApplicationVisa applications for entry into the Russian Federation cannot be submitted earlier than six months in advance. Consulates may alter this period under certain circumstances.

The applicant may request that the Consulate expedite the assessment of his materials, reducing the processing time to 3 business days or less during extreme emergencies. A Russian emergency visa will be issued by either the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, or the Russian Embassy or Consulate General. 

Interestingly, the consulate retains the right to review submitted documents for a maximum of 30 days in certain special circumstances.

Russian Visa Fees

We require that all fees associated with Russian Visa application processing be paid in full before the visa application is sent to the Russian Consulate for review.

When you apply for a document, you must pay a consular fee to the Consular Division. Applicants' visa categories, types, and lengths may vary, as will their consular fees; they may also differ depending on their nationality.