Russian Visa Application

Applying for a Russian Visa Russian Visa Application

Documents submitted to the consulate are subject to fees. Visa fees are not refundable and do not guarantee visa issuance. Applicants should be aware that a personal interview may be requested by the Consulate. Your Russian contacts may be questioned along with questions regarding personal and business matters.

Documents Needed for Russian Visa Application

To receive the latest information on the required documents to apply for your Russian visa, contact the Russian consulate once you have made your decision. The Consulate generally requires the following documents:
  • At least two blank visa-designated pages in the passport, and the passport must be valid for at least six months after the planned departure from Russia.
  • The applicant must submit two photos the size of a passport.
  • Completed and signed Russian visa application forms.
  • In some cases, there are additional requirements for Russian visas.
If you intend to stay longer than three months in Russia, you may need additional documents, such as a Medical Insurance policy, a work permit, or a residence permit.If all necessary documentation is submitted with accurate and detailed information, your Russian visa application will be approved.The applicant, the agent, or regular mail should bring the documents to the consulate. Applicants should use registered mail when applying by mail. The applicant must sign all forms in person and check them.Consulates in Russia are responsible for issuing Russian visas to citizens of most countries. Russian visas can also be obtained at Russian Consulates abroad. Germany's nationals, as well as some Asians, are exempt.You must know the requirements for receiving a Russian visa, prepare your required documents without errors, and submit them to the Consulate to secure it. The Consulate will not be liable for any mistakes in the visas that are not mentioned in advance of your departure, so you mus check if the visa information is correct when you receive your visa. You may encounter some problems if you enter or leave the Russian Federation with incorrect information on your Russian visa.Please use the invitation that you received from the Federal Migration Service of Russia (Standard Tourist confirmation and Voucher, Telex confirmation, or original Letter of Invitation) when filling out the visa application.

For filling out the Russian visa application, please see our contact information.

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