Russian Citizenship For a Child

Russian Citizenship For Child

Russian National Group assists children born outside of Russia in obtaining Russian citizenship. We offer our professional assistance to children born in any state of the U.S., and despite many questions and complications caused by the process, our level of expertise allows us to make it as fast and smooth as possible. 

Is it possible for a child born outside of Russia to obtain Russian citizenship?
If both parents or both of the parents have Russian citizenship at the time of birth, the child will automatically obtain Russian citizenship (see Article 12 of Federal Russian Law Section 1a, No 62-FZ, effective May 31st, 2002, Number 62-FZ).

Assuming this is the case, the parents cannot choose whether to process the child's Russian citizenship because the child is already a Russian citizen. Though, a valid Russian passport is required to enter Russia. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not grant visas to Russian citizens who already have citizenship.

If only one parent is a Russian citizen, the child can obtain Russian citizenship with both parents' consent. Though, it is required for both parents and the child to appear in person at the consulate in order to apply for Russian citizenship for the child. 

To get Russian citizenship for a child, parents will have to undergo the consulate process and submit valid documents that are required based on the circumstance.

Documents needed in case both parents are Russian citizens

To get Russian citizenship for a child if both parents are Russian, you will need to submit:
  • Rusian translation of the child’s birth certificate.
  • A Russian consular officer's certification confirming the accuracy of the translation. All these documents will be bound together and stamped by the Russian consular officer.
  • A non-biometric Russian travel passport for a child.

Documents needed in case the only parent is a Russian citizen:

It’s more complicated and takes more time to get Russian citizenship for a child if only one parent has Russian citizenship. In this case, you will need to submit:
  • Rusian translation of the child’s birth certificate.
  • An apostille and a completed and notarized consent form from a non-Russian citizen parent are required.
  • A passport photo of the child.
  • Photo ID/Passport of the parent applying for the child (either parent can apply).
  • If available, copies of both parents' Russian national passports (main page and all pages with addresses in Russia).
  • Physical Russian travel passports of both parents*
  • (If married), a copy of parents' marriage certificates
  • Documentation of previous name changes for the parents must be provided (marriage and divorce certificates or official name changes).
  • Address, phone number, and information about the current place of employment or study of the applying parent.
Before applying for Russian citizenship for their child, parents must obtain a valid Russian travel passport if neither has one.

If you are planning to obtain Russian citizenship for your child, and looking to simplify the process, and save time and money,  fill up the application form on our website. Our office has helped thousands of people around the US to apply for Russian citizenship and further obtain it. We work directly with the Russian consulate, so our clients can easily avoid all the paperwork complications and time loss.