Russian Business Visa Invitation

A letter of invitation is required for visiting Russia for business, commercial, technical services, crew member positions on flights or cruise ships, or culture purposes.

To apply for a Russian visa, you must provide information from your invitation. If you want to apply for a Russia visa online, you must have the invitation or the information from your host.

What is Russian business visa invitation?

It is important to understand that a business visa invitation (also known as a business visa support letter) is a document used for the purpose of obtaining a business visa. Such a visa allows for continuous stay in Russia for up to 90 consecutive days. Visas themselves can be valid for up to five years. Different types of invitations for business visas are available.

A business visa invitation must be in hand when applying for a Russian visa. There are, however, some circumstances where exclusions may be made by the law.

We can arrange the following types of Russian business visa invitations:

Russian Visa 1. A letter of invitation from a legal entity registered in the Russian Federation on the letterhead of the organization. Under simplified visa processing agreements, only citizens of the EU (or the United States) are eligible to receive business invitations. It only takes a day to issue this type of invitation.

2. The FMS form is used to issue a business visa invitation. To issue one of these invitations, a Russian legal person must apply to the FMS office, requesting to be able to issue invitations to foreigners. You must provide all of the required information regarding that individual. The invitee should be sent a copy of the invitation by the inviting party after it has been issued. By using the automated database of the FMS, you can check the authenticity of the invitation. FMS business invitations are valid for 30 to 365 days. It allows either a single entry, a double entry, or a multiple entry.

3. A barcoded electronic invitation for a business visa. A request for an invitation from the FMS with this type of content must be filed by the inviting party, including all the required information and documentation. By sending the invitation electronically, you will be able to save the time and money you would otherwise spend on sending the invitation by express mail. The process of obtaining a business visa to Russia becomes significantly simpler. As compared with Telex, FMS offers invitations in electronic format for a lower cost.

4. Telex invitation. The Russian government issues these types of invitations through the Consulate Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In the case of foreign citizens, all information about that foreigner as well as his invitation are transmitted via a special communication channel to the Russian Consulate in that country. A Telex invitation is more convenient than the FMS's invitation in the case of a business visa. Additionally, these documents can be sent by telex rather than by mail, saving your time and money.

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