Online application for Russian tourist visa

Moscow Bike ParadeWhy do I need an invitation letter and what is it for?  According to Russian law, an invitation letter is needed for obtaining a Russian tourist visa or business visa.  There are two parts of the tourist invitation required - the tourist confirmation letter and the travel voucher, which contain information necessary for applying for a Russian tourist visa (the name of the travel company, its address, reference and confirmation numbers).

Russian business invitations are documents in the Russian language. These documents contain the necessary information to apply for the Russian tourist visa (name of the travel organization, address, and TIN number). With Russia Travel you can simply fill up online application for russian tourist visa and get it quickly and securely with no hassle.

Do I need an invitation to apply for a Russian visa?

You should choose a single (or double) tourist invitation if your trip is planned for up to 30 days. Choose the business invitation for six months or one year if you wish to visit Russia several times or for over 30 days. A copy of the invitation is sufficient for most Russian consulates (for Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and others). Business invitations are acceptable only from EU and US nationals.

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With this invitation, how do I obtain a Russian visa?

Please print your invitation. Make sure that you provide a color photograph, insurance information, and other documentation required. Please fill out a form located on the website of the Russian Consulate.

Describe tourism as the purpose of your trip and the name of the travel agency, address, voucher number and reference number of the hotel(s) listed in your invitation. Russia Travel can assist you with your online application for Russian tourist visa and help you to get Russian visa within 3-5 days of your visit.

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