Multi Entry Visa Russia

What is the multi entry visa Russia?

Business visas granting unlimited entry to Russia during their validity period are known as Russian multiple-entry visas. For those who frequent Russia for business purposes (establishing or establishing new business relations, signing or extending contracts, participating in exhibitions and auctions, seminars, etc. ), this type of visa is most convenient.

The following information is important to know before you apply for a visa of this type:

Russian Visa Application
  • • A visa with multiple entries has a limited validity period;
  • • Visa processing for Russians with multiple entries;
  • • EU and US citizens are entitled to multiple entry visas;
  • • What you need to do to get a multiple entry visa;
  • • A guide to issuing multiple entry visas;
What is the procedure for getting a Russian visa?
Visas of different types are generally issued in the same way, but each has its own nuances with regard to processing.

Validity periods of multi entry visa Russia:

The following validity periods may be suggested for business multiple entry visas to Russia:
  • 90 days;
  • 180 days;
  • 365 days;
  • 3 years (for US citizens);

Requirements for obtaining a multi entry visa Russia:

Russian VisaRussia's legislation stipulates that an international passport's validity must be at least six months longer than the duration of the visa. If this is not possible, the visa will be issued for a fixed number of days, which is determined by the validity of the passport. During the course of processing a multiple entry visa at the consulate, 180 days of the passport validity period will be deducted. A multiple entry visa will remain valid for the remaining number of days.

Russian multiple entry visa invitations can only be issued by legal entities that are registered in Russia and are authorized to do so by the Federal Migration Service or the Department of Consular Services of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Depending on how the multiple entry visa is processed, it may take a variety of forms. Visa invitations to Russia for business multiple entry can be issued by the Federal Migration Service, by an accrediting organization, or via telex.

Within 1 week of arriving in Russia, a foreign citizen will have to complete the migration registration process after receiving a business multi-entry visa. A business visa holder in Russia is not allowed to stay longer than 90 days under Russian law; therefore, the period of migration registration is 90 days.

If a foreign national planning to visit Russia with his/her family (spouse, daughter or son) also applies for a business multi-entry visa, they must be assigned permission to accompany their family under the “Purpose of the trip” section.

How to issue an invitation for a a multi entry visa Russia:

We can assist you with obtaining a business multi-entry visa for Russia if you need such an invitation. You must provide the following information in order to issue an invitation in accordance with all laws of the Russian Federation:

- A completed invitation application form (in electronic form);
- You must provide a photocopy of your international passport;
- Photocopies of previous Russia visas (if available);
- (For citizens not living in their country of citizenship, a copy of their residence permit in the country of the visa application);
- If you have a minor child, a birth certificate must be presented (for citizens who are planning a trip to Russia with their children).
- As well as a number of other factors, the cost of the invitation is directly influenced by the validity period of the requested visa.

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