Make an appointment in the Russian Consulate.

Appointment in the Russian Consulate

Do you need to prepare for a trip and make an appointment in the Russian consulate?

Are you being pressed with deadlines and have to make this process as fast and painless as possible? Russian National Group is the answer to all your prayers. We work in collaboration with Russian consulates in New York and Washington D.C. and help our customers with collecting all the necessary documentation they need.

We understand how demanding the new modern world is and how important it is for your prosperity and comfort to have your Russian passport ready for you and your child in time for your travel plans. Whether it be work or leisure, you have to be passport-ready at all times.

Make an appointment online and visit NY Consulate to apply

With our experience and connections, we can make an appointment in the Russian consulate without you even having to deal with the Russian authorities’ representatives in person.

All you need to do is provide us with the basic documents needed for applying for the Russian passport and we will communicate with you over email, giving you the precious opportunity to plan your trip and taking the burden of bureaucratic procedures off your shoulders.

Russian National Group has a very wide range of services, including renewal of citizenship and doing a full background check. Our team consists only of highly skilled professionals who will treat your every request and need with precision and accuracy. Entrust all the bureaucratic processes to us and enjoy the time you have to prepare for your trip!

Russian National Group is officially authorized to accept, process, and transmit to the Russian Consulate the visa applications submitted by individuals and legal entities, including travel agencies. In exceptional cases, citizens may apply directly to the Consulate (after making an appointment by phone or via the website).

Officers of the Visa Centers advise the applicants on filling in the Consular Questionnaire, required package of documents, visa processing time and procedure, etc.