Invitation Letter Russia

Visa invitation letter Russia (also referred to as tourist voucher or visa support) is a mandatory document to obtain a Russian visa.

What is the invitation letter Russia?

An invitation letter to Russia, also known as a visa support letter or a tourist voucher, is a document that a Russian resident can use to invite you to visit him/her, whether on a touristic, business or academic visit.Russia requires it as part of the visa application process. The invitation letter should not be confused with the hotel reservation. Neither of them has anything to do with the other. It is not necessary to make a hotel reservation to get a visa. The Russian visa does not require submitting a copy of the hotel reservation tickets like other visas, for example, the Chinese visa.

What are the types of invitation letter Russia?

Russian VisaA different type of invitation letter or visa support may be needed depending on the reason for your trip. Below are some common ones:

1) Voucher for tourism (if you will be staying in a hotel or apartment)A tourist invitation letter is the most common type of letter and is required for the processing of a tourist visa. The document can be issued by:
  • The hotel or hotels in which you will stay. Most of them charge a fee, though some will give it away for free.
  • Authorized tour operators in Russia who are licensed by the Federal Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Economic Development. 
2) Personal invitation letter (if you are going to visit family or friends)Getting a visa for personal trips will require a letter of invitation from a Russian relative or friend who resides in Russia. The friend or relative of yours must process the invitation in Russia.

3) Business invitation letter (if you are going to do business in Russia)A business invitation letter is required in order to process the business visa, which can be obtained from the Russian company that invited you. It must be requested through the General Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Interior of Russia. Invitees can either submit their invitations in print form (requiring mailing) or electronically.

4) The letter of invitation for studies (if you plan on attending a university or school)If you need an invitation letter for studies, you should contact the educational institution (school, university) so they can prepare and send you the letter.

5) Invitation letter for transit (not required)A letter of invitation is not required for requesting a transit visa. The transit invitation letter does not exist. Applicants for transit visas must provide the following instead of a letter of invitation:Purchase of airline tickets for entry into and exit from the Russian FederationIn case the applicant's nationality allows them to enter a country without a visa, the visa of their final destination (China, India, Japan) will not be required.

6) Other types of invitation lettersThere are other types of invitation letter Russia as well, including letters for business, a scientific or artistic program, for participants in an international sporting event (and their guests), for participating in an exchange program between cities, for drivers handling international transfers, etc.

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