Get Russian Visa

Who needs to Get Russian visa or permit?

Russia requires a visa for citizens of most countries. Includes several former Soviet state members (including Cuba) that are visa-free. There is no visa requirement for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.The General Directorate for Migration Affairs (GUVM) is responsible for issuing all Russian visas. According to the purpose and length of the visit, different types of Russian visas are issued. Most visas last for 30 to 90 days, though some may be extended. Below is a list of the types of visas required to enter Russia.

Russian visa: Tourist

As a tourist, you need this type of visa to enter the country. The 30-day validity is non-renewable. You will have to confirm your accommodation in Russia in order to qualify for a tourist visa.

Russian visa: Business

Business and official visitors can apply for this visa. 90 days are the validity period for standard business visas. Multi Russian Business visas are also available. These visas are valid for one year and allow multiple entries into Russia. If your business visa expires, you can renew it through the organization that provided the invitation. In addition to attending events such as auctions, business visas are also useful for commercial visits. invitation from friends or relatives who live in Russia allows you to get Russian visa for up to 90 days.This visa can be extended if you secure an invitation from a Russian company to work there. It is valid for 90 days.This is a Russian visa valid for 90 days with the possibility of extension, based only on a student invitation from a Russian college or university. For skilled workers with salaries over R1 million, this is a special visa. With this visa, holders can bypass temporary residency permit requirements, and spouses, children, and parents have visa rights as well.Family members of Russian citizens can obtain a Family Member visa if the relative signing the visa request form is a spouse, child under 18, or incapacitated child who is a member of the family. There is a 3-month validity period on this visa.

Get Russian Transit Visa

It is necessary to acquire a transit visa from Russia if you're traveling to or from a Russian airport (or airports) or through Russia via train. A transit visa is normally valid for a maximum period of three days for travel by air and a maximum of 10 days for travel by train. If you plan to board a connecting flight within 24 hours of your arrival and stay in an airport transit zone, you don't need a get Russian transit visa. Find out if you are required to have a transit visa by checking with your airline.

Visa for Russian nationals with special purposes

You can use it to attend special events that take place inside Russia for a period of up to 30 days.We are a licensed representative of a company that offers visa support at Russian Consulates in the United States as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. Our representatives work directly with the Russian Consulate to expedite Russian tourist visa applications. We offer competitive and reasonable pricing. For more information, contact us at (646) 473-2233 and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.