Get Russian Citizenship

Get Russian Citizenship

Many people undervalue the Russian passport, which grants visa-free travel to 110 countries around the world or visa-on-arrival access to almost all countries, and has recently become easier to obtain.Despite Russian passports appearing 48th out of 110 in the Henley Passport Index for 2021, which ranks all passports every year, still many people have tried to get Russian citizenship and get the benefits it comes with.

How Can You Benefit From Russian Citizenship?
In addition to visa-free travel, voting rights, and ease of movement that can be found with most passports, Russian passports come with other advantages. Russia offers many other benefits for potential business owners and aspiring professionals. Russians ranked first in the world for starting careers in 2020 and 2021, and number 28 for ease of doing business in the world by the World Bank.

There are several advantages to Russian citizenship

  • One of the world's cheapest income tax jurisdictions, 13-15% flat tax.
  • Freedom of movement in Russia (residence permit holders can only live in the region in which they received their residency permit)
  • In Russia, you are free to work anywhere in the country and in any job.
  • The Russian residence permit holder may vote in federal elections (they may also vote in local elections.)
  • Russian citizens can participate in all federal programs (such as generous assistance for families with multiple children in Russia)
  • The freedom to operate with little competition in many sectors in one of the largest markets in the world.
  • According to the World Passport Ranking, the Russian passport is number 48. 
Current citizenship does not have to be renounced (this was required until 2020 in Russia).Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people to obtain Russian passports and highlighted the three most accessible routes to get Russian citizenship.

Citizenship by Working in Russia
The fastest way to get Russian citizenship is to get a job in Russia. Since 2002, Russia has offered highly qualified specialists a work visa. One of the requirements for being considered a highly qualified specialist in Russia is to have a Russian employer offer you a job with a salary above two million rubles ($26,000) per year. Certain professions require only 13 thousand rubles ($13,000) in yearly salary, which calculates to one million rubles.There are many advantages to having a highly qualified specialist visa, including tax benefits and a longer validity period than that of a typical Russian work visa. 

Citizenship by Marriage
One of the most common ways to get Russian citizenship is through marriage. Oddly, applying for Russian citizenship through marriage can take much longer than applying for it as an English teacher, in the right circumstances. The Russian citizenship application process may be difficult even for those with a Russian spouse and a Russian child, that’s why it’s crucial to consult with a professional prior to applying to get Russian citizenship.

Citizenship through your Russian Child
Having a Russian citizenship-holding child makes it easier to apply and get Russian citizenship, but there are some requirements.Russian citizenship is available for Russian citizens who live in Russia, have a Russian spouse, and a Russian child, however, if you are a citizen of another country, there might be some difficulties to obtain Russian citizenship.  

The mission of the Russian National Group is to take all the hard work off of your shoulders, make the process easier, and help you to get Russian citizenship as soon as possible. Thanks to the years of experience, and direct cooperation with the Russian consulate, over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people to obtain Russian passports and to avoid unnecessary complications throughout the process.  Simply submit an application on our website and begin your easy way to get Russian citizenship.