Apply for Russian Visa

Step 1. You must obtain an invitation to apply for a Russian visa.

Before applying for a visa to Russia, you need an invitation letter (also known as a visa support letter).

By using our carefully selected providers, you can apply for it online: they provide 24-hour customer support and guarantee that your visa will be issued by the Consulate (in nearly 19 years of providing this service, we have never refused anyone a visa).

When you use our site, the prices, process, and buyer protection are the same as when you use the provider's website directly, but you receive our backing when dealing with the provider and help us maintain our free guide to Russia.

Step 2: Submit the Russian Visa Application Form

On the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, you must fill out the application form for a Russian visa once you receive your invitation (Russian visa support).

Once you have completed this step, you can print it and make an appointment at the Russian visa center.
When applying for a Russian visa, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Travel Passport
  • At least two clear pages are required - one for the Russian visa and one for the Russian migration card. It should be valid at least six months after your Russian visa expires.
  • Two Passport-size Photographs
  • A recent, high-quality photograph is ideal.
  • Russian Visa Application Form

  • It can be filled out online and printed from the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) - but only once you have your visa support documents (tourism or business) with you, which contain the information needed in your visa application. Please read our guide on the Russian visa application form if you do not know how to fill it out.

    Documents customized for each consulate: letters of employment, health insurance certificates, etc. The most likely requirement for you to visit Russia is to have a valid travel insurance (available online for US and EU citizens). If your trip to Russia takes you more than 3 months or requires a multiple-entry visa, almost every Russian consulate will ask for an HIV certificate.  A letter from your employer stating that you are employed by your company and traveling to Russia for business purposes will be needed in case you apply for a business visa.

    Step 3: Apply for a Russian Visa

    Russian VisaWe are a licensed representative of a company that offers visa support at Russian Consulates in the United States as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

    Our representatives work directly with the Russian Consulate to expedite Russian tourist visa applications.

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