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Russia has captured the hearts of many because of its diverse people, culture, and history. Even though every country has its downsides and limitations, there are many distinct advantages that ex-pats have come to love. Despite the common perception that Russia is cold, especially in the northern regions, it actually has a beautiful summer. As a matter of fact, some areas of the country are almost tropical. Furthermore, the beautiful green hills that cover the entire country can’t leave one untouched.Another major attraction for foreigners is the low cost of living compared to the relatively high salaries paid by international companies operating in the country. Over the past few years, startup and tech communities have flourished. As a result, many ex-pats are interested in acquiring Russian citizenship as they operate businesses, seek employment, and simply enjoy the Russian lifestyle.So, if you are interested in learning how to apply for Russian citizenship, the information we gathered below will come in handy.

Citizenship versus permanent residence: what's the difference?

Being a parent is another different level of responsibility. Parents often don’t have time to juggle family, work, and other chores. We can apply for a Russian passport for your minor child, and all you will have to do is simply provide us with the necessary papers needed for an application. Ready documents will be sent to you via email or regular mail.A permanent residency permit and a Russian passport are essentially the same things. For Russian businesses, hiring permanent residents may actually be a better choice than hiring citizens since PRPs last for five years and can be renewed an indefinite number of times. The PRP is valid for five years and can be renewed an indefinite number of times.The difference between a PRP and citizenship is that it never needs re-evaluation, and you will never risk losing your visa. A Russian passport also gives you visa-free access to 105 countries, whereas many of these require visas from US and UK citizens.Is it possible to hold dual citizenship?Over a million Russians hold dual citizenship along with another passport, so dual citizenship is pretty common in Russia. It is important to consult with your home country's laws regarding dual citizenship before beginning your application. For many countries that do not allow dual citizenship, applying for second citizenship is grounds for having citizenship revoked.Ways to obtain Russian citizenshipRussian citizenship can be acquired in a variety of ways depending on your circumstances. Generally, they fall into three categories:
  • Birthright citizenship
  • Citizenship through naturalization
  • By restoring citizenship
You can, however, obtain Russian citizenship in a number of ways. Keep reading to learn more.How can I apply for citizenship?When applying for Russian citizenship, it's important to keep in mind that in addition to completing forms in Russian, you'll need to provide documentation in a translated version in Russian as well as notarized documentation that was stamped in Moscow. In addition, you will need to include test results obtained at Russian state clinics. A Russian proficiency test is also required for those without a diploma demonstrating their level of Russian proficiency.Russian National Group works on making the process as smooth as possible. Our office has helped thousands of people around the US to apply for Russian citizenship and further obtain it. We work directly with the Russian consulate, so our clients can easily avoid all the paperwork complications and time loss by simply going to our website and filling up the form to apply for Russian citizenship.