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Russia is a country of unexplored natural beauty and a rich history that remains mysterious to foreigners. Once the foreigners become travelers they become acquainted with the hospitality and the modern Russian way of life. That is the straight approach to get to know them.

But why not choose a path that’s off the beaten track? Why not try to explore and find everything there is to know about it in an unexpected destination; Limassol! Some 40,000 Russians live in Cyprus out of a total population of 800,000. About half of them live in Limassol, where shop and menu signs in Russian are common on the main seafront boulevard. There are three local Russian newspapers and children can attend a Russian school.

One of the spots that gather the attention of the Russian inhabitants of Limassol is Londa Hotel. The Londa –as they prefer to call it- is situated right in front of a fabulous beach and combines the personal attention and expert service of a luxurious beach resort with the elegance and vibrant atmosphere of a city hotel. The restaurant and pool bar cater to the needs of visitors and locals alike and it is common for the former to have the latter give them tips and points about how to best enjoy Limassol.

So if an alternative experience of Russia Overseas is a proposal you find interesting, get in touch with Londa Hotel and find out more.