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Built for the Romanoff imperial family to hold incredibly lavish affairs, the palace’s Grand Ballroom revives just such extraordinary elegance every New Year’s Eve. For the past 16 years, the Tsar’s Ball in Catherine Palace has been at the top of the international list of places for people with a desire to greet the New Year in incomparable style. Counts, dukes and princesses used to arrive at the palace in horsedrawn gilded carriages. Nowadays, for comfort’s sake, guests are chauffeured to the Tsar’s Ball in limousines and motor coaches. Other than such slight concessions to the modern age, much remains the same as it was in centuries past. Military band greet the formally attired guests as they arrive at the palace. Award-winning tenors and sopranos sing operatic arias and propose champagne toasts while welcoming everybody into the glittering Grand Ballroom. The elegant interiors of magnificent palace rooms stretch in a sumptuous line to form one uninterrupted suite of apartments. The interior is animated by enchanting flute music and ballet dancers performing duets! The overall impression can only be described as spellbinding. The gourmet New Year’s dinner menu consists of course after course of enticing dishes prepared by professional European chefs. During dinner and dancing, the Symphony Orchestra plays classic melodies along with modern dance and jazz rhythms.

This New Year’s it’s the TSAR’S BALL amid the splendor of Empress Catherine’s IMPERIAL PALACE. Don’t miss this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Click here to see the Tsar’s ball Menu or the Tsar’s ball program.

DSC_0186 IMG_8597 IMG_8656 The Big Hall